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Ascot – Do I see a sunrise ?   1 comment

Anyone who lives in Brisbane, will be aware of the number of rainy days we have had…. seems like months now since the last time I saw a sunrise.

This morning, I managed to see a partial sunrise.

Continued my wanderings and ended up on the Brisbane river.

Just loooking out the window now, looks like the rain is returning .

Cheers Dave

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Bribie Birds   1 comment

Managed to get a few photos at Bribie Island before the rain came back.

I was hoping for seabirds, but had to be content with mostly Rainbow lorikeets.

Hoping, I get at least one fine day soon, to get out and get some good bird shots.

Cheers Dave

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A walk in the rain !   1 comment

Went for my daily walk, started raining just after I left, but continued anyway.

Been past this Bus the last two mornings, seems appropriate for a purple bus to be under a purple flowering Jacaranda tree.

I was not the only one out walking in the rain, was quite a few other people.

Not sure I will get out again for a few days, but if I do and take photos I will post them.

Cheers Dave

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