450D/50 Photo 29 “Last Sunset of Summer”

I will be asleep ( hopefully) when this posts at Midnight, and summer is finished and Autumn here begun, although we are expecting another hot day tomorrow (well actually today when this posts), with a max temp of 32 celcius with 90% humidity, so basically hot and sticky, lucky I have day shift at work andContinue reading “450D/50 Photo 29 “Last Sunset of Summer””

Canon 450D/50 Photo 27 “Ship Wrecked”

I headed down to Manly tyesterday morning, thinking of capturing some reflections of the boats in the Harbour, bit it was too windy, so headed around the corner to the creek, where I have captured some interesting images in the past. So todays post with the Canon 450D/50 is the below two images . The nextContinue reading “Canon 450D/50 Photo 27 “Ship Wrecked””

450D/50 Photo26 ” River Trees”

Another couple from my walk along the Brisbane River the other afternoon. First is this lovely Shade Tree, with the seat to sit and watch the world  pass by. You can see a tree on the bank of the river a bit further up. It had the most interesting trunk/root system Both taken with the 450D/50mmContinue reading “450D/50 Photo26 ” River Trees””

If all else fails, there is always “Macro”

A wet and miserable Saturday, not nice weather to really go anywhere, but there was the occasional gap between showers of rain and taking opportunity of a lull in the rain.. I sneakily attached by girlfriends  100mm L series macro lens to my 7D together with my Yongnuo Flash and ventured out into the wet yardContinue reading “If all else fails, there is always “Macro””

450D/50 Photo 25 “Kookaburra”

Had to fill in some time after work Thursday afternoon, so went for a walk along the river and ended up in the Botanical Gardens. In one of the trees, was this Kookaburras looking out across the park. He was very well behaved and let me approach quite close, to capture this image. Canon 450D/50mmContinue reading “450D/50 Photo 25 “Kookaburra””

450D/50 Photo 24 “Flat Black Harley”

I ventured out quickly at Lunchtime yesterday in Brisbane, and saw this flat black Harley parked in the rain. So grabbed a quick shot to add to the 450D/50 collection. Went for a walk around the Brisbane River in the afternoon, and got some interesting photos to post shortly. Cheers Dave

Canon 450D/50 Photo 23 “Toorbul Swamp”

When I stay at Toorbul, I always check out this swampy area for Birdlife, usually there are Ducks, Ibis,Spoonbills and variuos other birds, but with the unstable weather, they maybe moved to a more sheltered area. So here is a picture of the Swamp, has a nice reflection of the sky other then that, notContinue reading “Canon 450D/50 Photo 23 “Toorbul Swamp””