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New Years Day 2012 ” Point Cartwright Sunrise”   Leave a comment

A bit late in posting this, but realised I had not posted much earlier in the year.

So will revisit some photos  and progressively post them.

We got up early ( 2.30ish) on New Years day to travel up the coast to Point Cartwright to welcome in the New Year, with a sunrise shoot.

Was a great morning spent with some wonderful Photography friends, and a place I will return hopefully again soon, as with every shoot you learn something new, and  develop ideas how you could do it differently next time.

Shoot through graduated Cokin Filters.

Cheers Dave

450D/50 Photo 7 ” Water off a Dove’s Back”   Leave a comment

A water fountain shot on the weekend.

Nice to sit and listen to the trickle of water of the Doves.

Shot in Raw, converted to Sepia in CS5, with other minor adjustments, F1.8, 1/3200

Cheers Dave

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