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I was down in Melbourne in October for a Christening, while we were down there took the opportunity to go to Belgrave just under a hours drive outside of Melbourne.

I love old things, and especially old mechanical things, so what could be better then an Old Steam Train.

We got a good vantage point to get it coming across an old Trestle Bridge.

Converted to Sepia, to enhance the “old” feel to the image.

A second one in colour.

Well worth the visit if you ever get to Melbourne, and have time to go out there.

Cheers Dave

450D/50 Photo 12 “Ibis and White Face Heron”   Leave a comment

Posting my first bird photos using this lens, and very happy with the results considering the 50mm focal length, most of my Bird photos are usually taken at around 200mm, or more often longer, so to get there two photos with this lens is a “win”

The first is a Ibis, staring into the water.

Canon 450D, 50mm,shot in Raw, Processed in CS5, F5.6, 1/400, shot in P ( that stand for professional, right??…………… actually was in “P”, as in stealth mode, and new I might not have time ot adjust settings, when I was in a position to take the photo, so left it to the camera to think for me.


The second is a White Face heron, took a bit of stealth to get close to this one, but reasonably happy with it.

Canon 450D, 50mm,shot in Raw, Processed in CS5, F3.5, 1/160, shot in P also, for the same reason as photo above.

Hoping to get out, and maybe get some more landscape photos for something different soon.

Cheers Dave

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