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450D/50 Photo19 “Skippy Sunrise”   1 comment

I stayed at Toorbul overnight, a sleepy little town about a hours drive north of Brisbane.

I love coming here for the abundant wild life and birds, can be good fishing here as well.

Woke up early for a planned sunrise, and went down to my single tree, I like to silhoute against the rising sun, then the rain started, so headed back where I was staying.

Get down to the water, and I see I am not alone watching the colour in the sky.

That is Bribie Island you can see across the water, and later noticed the Kanagaroo had a joey in her pouch as a bit of trivia for you .

Canon 450D/50mm F1.8, F5, 1/320

Cheers Dave

Look out the window, the rain has eased, the sun is coming through the clouds, a nice golden look to the sky, so rushed back out with only my 450D/50 combo, to try and capture the colour before it disappears

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