450D/50 Photo 25 “Kookaburra”

Had to fill in some time after work Thursday afternoon, so went for a walk along the river and ended up in the Botanical Gardens. In one of the trees, was this Kookaburras looking out across the park. He was very well behaved and let me approach quite close, to capture this image. Canon 450D/50mmContinue reading “450D/50 Photo 25 “Kookaburra””

450D/50 Photo 24 “Flat Black Harley”

I ventured out quickly at Lunchtime yesterday in Brisbane, and saw this flat black Harley parked in the rain. So grabbed a quick shot to add to the 450D/50 collection. Went for a walk around the Brisbane River in the afternoon, and got some interesting photos to post shortly. Cheers Dave