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Duck March   Leave a comment

Out and about today, went to a couple of different Beach Side areas,  as always on the lookout for Birdlife.

I was actually trying to get into a good position to photograph a Spoonbill and White Heron when I saw these two ducks working the mud flats for food (we will not discuss the failure to get the Spoonbill or Heron).

Taken with the 7D and a borrowed 70-300mm L series lens, got to love good glass to get clear images at longer focal lengths. This was shot at 300mm, handheld.

Cheers Dave


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450D/50 Photo26 ” River Trees”   2 comments

Another couple from my walk along the Brisbane River the other afternoon.

First is this lovely Shade Tree, with the seat to sit and watch the world  pass by.

You can see a tree on the bank of the river a bit further up.

It had the most interesting trunk/root system

Both taken with the 450D/50mm combo, again showing the diversity of images this set up is capable of.

Cheers Dave