450D/50 Photo 29 “Last Sunset of Summer”   1 comment

I will be asleep ( hopefully) when this posts at Midnight, and summer is finished and Autumn here begun, although we are expecting another hot day tomorrow (well actually today when this posts), with a max temp of 32 celcius with 90% humidity, so basically hot and sticky, lucky I have day shift at work and will be in air conditioned comfort for most of it.

Anyway this is the last Sunset of Summer, it is a panorama made of 9 images stitched together in Photoshop CS5 of this interesting cloud across the sky at Sunset, only minor adjustment to levels, otherwise pretty much straight out of the camera.

Hope you enjoy it.

So a new month and a new season, with it the decision if to continue with the 450D/50 combo, it has been fun, some have suggestedd just shooting Jpeg’s and not processing, but to me processing can be as  much fun as the photography, so that is unlikely, might have to try and theme the pictures a bit more, so lets see what I post next and what direction I go.

Cheers Dave


Cheers Dave


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One response to “450D/50 Photo 29 “Last Sunset of Summer”

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  1. Amazing, it looks like something from a biblical epic!

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