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A Bee   1 comment

Spent a morning during the week wandering around the Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane.

One of my Bee “shots”

Will post more when I get a chance, hopefully over the weekend.

Cheers Dave

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A wek of Sunflowers 5 “A group shot”   Leave a comment

This time a group shot, had to get low, as they were all hanging there heads.

7D and 24-105mm.

Cheers Dave

Ma Ma Creek Cemetary   Leave a comment

It was election day last Saturday, so we stopped at Ma Ma Creek School to vote on the way out in our quest for Sunflowers, and a 20metre drive from where we parked we were at the Cemetary next door.

A very Tranquil place,

Not sure what is happening with the above image, maybe the building was not straight, spent a bit of time trying to correct  (what I thought was) lens distortion, but this is the best I could get it.

Love discovering new places in outback Queensland.

Cheers Dave

A week of Sunflowers 4 “Against the Sky”   Leave a comment

The fourth image for my week of Sunflower posts, is shooting uptowards the sky, sadly as it was an old crop, most were facing dow.


This one was taken with the 7D and 24-105mm Lens.

Cheers Dave

Dying Roses   1 comment

These flowers have been here for about a week, and their days are numbered, I thought I would capture their fading beauty before they go.



Taken with the 450D, 60mm Macro lens and external flash.

Cheers Dave

A week of Sunflowers 3 “Bees”   Leave a comment

Another for my week of Sunflowers is these Bees working hard .

Cheers Dave

A week of Sunflowers 2 ” Caterpillar   Leave a comment

Second image for the week is this Carerpillar, working his way through the petals on the Sunflower.


7D and 60mm Macro Lens again.


Cheers Dave