Suburban Birds   2 comments

Due to the rain, did not get out on the weekend, but was lucky enough to get some bird photos in “Suburbia”


First up a Rainbow Lorikeet, as you can see he interupted his breakfast to smile for the camera, taken in the neighbours tree, overhanging the back fence



Next, we have a yet to be identified (when I do I will update this post to show its correct name) bird, visiting us at a BBQ this afternoon.


All taken with the 7D and 70-200 lens.

Feeling blessed with the wonderful and common wildlife we have in Australia .

Cheers Dave


2 responses to “Suburban Birds

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  1. What truly amazing birds to have in the garden! The colours on that lorikeet are incredible. I look forward to finding out what your other bird is, I’ve never seen one like that before.

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