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The Bay of Clouds   1 comment

I had to fill in some time yesterday, while Kerri was doing a portrait shoot, so headed down to Redland Bay, and did a loop through Victoria Point, to Cleveland Point, mid morning to lunch time, sun high and bright in the sky, no wildlife about, except for one Dragon Fly ( which I will post later).

So what do I take photos of ???

Sitting in a Picnic Shelter watching two seagulls ( they do not qualify as wildlife) trying to get into a snap lock bag left on the gorund,to get some food cscraps  out of it, which was providing me with a bit of amusement, when I looked out across the water and saw this one cloud in the sky, I was intriqued by its constantly changing shape, so with Kerri’s 70-300mm lens ( I really should borrow this lens more, it is a awesome lens) wound down to 70mm just managed to fit it in, and snapped a few shots off.

So from Victoria Point , headed around to Point Halloran, and the cloud had now stretched out more on the horizon, so went to my favourite spot there, swapped to the other borrowed lens ( Kerri’s 10-22mm)  to get in an old ” Boat Slip”, and hand held bracketed three shots ( -3/+3) and a quick HDR process, and I have this shot.

So left there not really know which direction to go, still had about an hour to kill, so headed up to Cleveland Point, as could see some clouds forming in the west and headed up to this old jetty, which we normally go to do long exposure sunsets shots at, and another shot with the 10-22mm lens.

So by this time,  I had used up enough time and went to catch up with Kerri and Julie who had nearly finished there shoot, and then spent the rest of the day there for a late lunch an fabulous dinner, during this time captured the “Cat” photo I posted earlier.




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The Moon   1 comment

Yesterday morning, was awake at 5.30, it was dawn, went outside to check the weather, and saw the moon low in the sky,  so what else should I do then go out and take a photo it.

Taken at 300mm, camera on tripod, F13, 1/125, ISO 200

This was my first attempt at taking a photo of the moon.

Cheers Dave

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