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Editing Model Shots   Leave a comment

Ok, have not been out taking many photos recently, except for the Sunflower shoot, I am going to stretch out posting over this week.

Have not been idle, and have been working on my “Editing” skills and processing photos taken by my Girlfriend Kerri who is being mentored by the talented Julie-Anne this is one from a model shoot they did together recently.

I thought I would post a before and after shot.

The Before shot

All the processing was done in Photoshop CS5, you have more control in “Lightroom” , but is quicker in CS5.

A brief desription of what was done

Skin – softened, Eyes (Pupil) – sharpened, White around Eyes – lightened, Blemishes – cloned or spot healed out, Background, either Dodged (lightened) or erased and painted in with White, Watermark added by  a “Brush”  , The final result should still looks like the original photo, just better…. well that is the expected result 🙂  …….  still so much to learn….and yes I know it is floating with no shadows, but this one was more for practise.

The After Photo

The photo was taken with a Canon  550D with 24-105 Lens, with two off Camera Flashes.

Cheers Dave

A week of Sunflowers – ” Spider looking for lunch”   Leave a comment

Spent Saturday morning  driving out west chasing Sunflowers, very late in the season, and only a few crops still going in their last days.

I manged to get a collection of images, and seeing I have not been posting much recently or been out photographing, so with very little else to post, will stretch them out over a week.

First image is a Spider waiting for Lunch .


Taken with 7D and 60mm macro lens.

Cheers Dave



Revisiting the past ” The Road to Lake Eyre “   Leave a comment

Still going through the old photos from 2009, these all were taken with probably less then a months ownership of my first DSLR.

I probably did not learn to use it properly until over a year later ( sometimes I think I still do not know what I am doing)

This photo was taken on the road leading into Lake Eyre.

Lake Eyre itself was not what I expected , was so barren going in, a bit like you would expect a “Lunar” landscape to look like,  was hardly any birdlife, still do not regret the trip and would go back again if I ever got the chance.

Cheers Dave

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Misty Lake   Leave a comment

Raining and generally a miserable day here today, but still did not stop us going for a drive, to see what we could find.

I saw the finished photo in this shot before I took it.

Took a little manipulation in Photoshop to fully achieve that goal.

Cheers Dave

Revisiting the past ” Kings Canyon” part 1   Leave a comment

The main purpose of my Central Australia trip in 2009, was to visit friends working at Kings Canyon.

I am still going through old photos and editing the better ones, more up to  mycurrent standard of processing.

Below are 5 photos from a walk through the Canyon itself.

You can see from the colour of the rocks, why they call it the :Red Centre”

I have saved my favourite of this lot to last.

Still have hundreds to go through.

Cheers Dave

More Water Dragons   Leave a comment

I will never tire of taking photos of Water Dragons, a bit more challenging when I took these on a warm afternoon, as they were quite lively, and would scurry off on approach, as I only had the 60mm Macro lens, I had to get moderately close.

Thankfully these two stayed still long enough to get some good portrait shots of them.



Cheers Dave

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Caterpillar x 2   1 comment

Went for a walk around the Roma Street Parklands after work this afternoon, with my  usual target being the Water Dragons ( which I did capture some nice shots).

Saw another photographer shooting macro, he was kind enough to point out this flower with these 2 caterpillars on it.

7D with canon 60mm macro lens plus external flash.


Cheers Dave