Water Lilies

It was a beautiful Autumn day in Brisbane today.

With a bit of time to spare in the middle of the day, I headed into one of my favourite inner city spots, the Roma Street Parklands.

As always lots to photograph, amongst the options the Water Lilies are becoming a favourite.

Taken with 7D and 70-200mm Lens

Cheers Dave

Published by davidarnold

I have discovered I have a love for life and doing anything creative, and I am constantly striving to build, make, create and photograph things , I live my you can learn to do anything, but the hardest part is you d o not have time to do everything - follow my journey as I try and do as much as I can with the time I have. I live in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Queensland Australia, on top of a mall mountains, surrounded by thousands of acres of bush land. This is sight is a basically a diary of my day to day adventures, it will have everything from Portrait photo sessions, craft projects, yard word, Trail Cam footage.

2 thoughts on “Water Lilies

  1. I do process a little in photoshop, but more to correct exposure and the basics (shoot in raw), mostly rely on good light (nearly all my macro shots use external flash even in bright sunlight) and lenses (more important then the camera) to get good colour and sharpness.

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