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Bees in the Garden   Leave a comment

I went up to visit my mum for her Birthday on the weekend ( her actual birthday is today).

I took my camera and 60mm Macro lens, just in case and I was please to see some Bees working hard.

Cheers Dave


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Kookaburras   1 comment

The afternoon, before I got the Kingfisher photo, I was over at my Mum’s at Bribie Island, and there was a few Kookaburras hanging around,the people across the road feed them.

They are from the same family of Birds as the Kingfishers.



Taken with Canon 7D and 70-200 lens, shot at around F4.


Cheers Dave

Bribie Island Sunset   1 comment

I was at Bribie about a month ago and captured this sunset.

There was very little cloud, but what was there captured the colour well

All taken with 7D and 17-55mm, handheld, no filters, colour captured in camera through white balance selection, very little post processing.

Cheers Dave

Revisiting the past – Ningi Sunrise 2009   Leave a comment

I have been running out of storage on my external hard drives, and decided instead of buying another one, would go back and delete some of the duplicate and poorer quality photos.

Of course all that made me do was rediscover old photos and want to edit them, regretting not shooting in RAW from the start.

A sunrise from 2009, at Pebble Beach, Ningi, which is near Bribie Island in Queensland.

Taken with 450D and 55-250 kit lens.

Cheers Dave

450D/50 Photo19 “Skippy Sunrise”   1 comment

I stayed at Toorbul overnight, a sleepy little town about a hours drive north of Brisbane.

I love coming here for the abundant wild life and birds, can be good fishing here as well.

Woke up early for a planned sunrise, and went down to my single tree, I like to silhoute against the rising sun, then the rain started, so headed back where I was staying.

Get down to the water, and I see I am not alone watching the colour in the sky.

That is Bribie Island you can see across the water, and later noticed the Kanagaroo had a joey in her pouch as a bit of trivia for you .

Canon 450D/50mm F1.8, F5, 1/320

Cheers Dave

Look out the window, the rain has eased, the sun is coming through the clouds, a nice golden look to the sky, so rushed back out with only my 450D/50 combo, to try and capture the colour before it disappears

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Sunsets and Sunrises ….. a blogging rebirth.   1 comment

I have not updated or even looked at my blog for a long time.

A Easter Resolution (really a late New Years Resolution) is to change the style of my blogging, instead of just posting random photos, will start to document my photography travels and camera/lens/settings I use.

Now some random photos, below is the processed Image from a raw file through Lightroom, with border and watermark added in CS4.

This photo was taken as Sandstone Point, which is just before you go over the bridge to Bribie Island in Queensland Australia, close to where I am staying this week.

Camera Canon 7D, Lens 24-105mm F4
Taken at 24mm, F4, 1/125, WB set on cloudy.

This is the original unmodified Jpeg straight from the camera.

Photography, is about timing, being in the right place at the right time.

I was up early and saw there was light between the clouds, so grabbed the camera, jumped in the car was off, a bit ealier and I would have captured the beautiful pre dawn light, was blessed with this glorious sunrise anyway.

The capture involved, an approximate 100 metre walk through mud ( love my waterproof boots)  to get in the spot I wanted for the photo, no tripod this time, hand held, why I chose F4 and moderately quick shutter speed…. I think I could have improved on the photo with a tripod and a ND filter, and slower shutter speed to smooth out the water, but you use what oyu have with you .

I will try and make regular updates, with more content from now on, so subscribe to the blog to get email alerts.

Happy travelling and photography, stay safe.