450D/50 Photo 6 ” The Pond”

I have been using this Camera/Lens combo for about a week now, and realised I have not posted a Landscape yet. This is a pond, at a Winery at Mount Tmborine, also where the previous ” A Cuppa” photo was taken from, this is a view down from the cafe across the pond. Shot inContinue reading “450D/50 Photo 6 ” The Pond””

450D/50 Photo 3 Cycas Revoluta

I only had a little time for photos yesterday on the way to work. This is the best of what I could shoot, I used to grow Cycads from seed, and always like to good healthy specimens. Again shot in Raw, processing in CS% ( only slightly) F1.8 ( probably should have been more aroundContinue reading “450D/50 Photo 3 Cycas Revoluta”

450D/ 50 Photo 2 “Lion”

THis lion statue has been in King George Square Brisbanem as long as I can remember. I took thisyesterday afternoon, about 2.30 in the afternoon, while on a break at work, to continue the one photo a day quest Shot in Raw, processed in photoshop CS5, F1.8, 1/1000 Cheers Dave

450D/50 photo 1 ” Neighbours Cat”

It has been a while, but time to start again with Blogging. To see if I have learnt anything, I am going back to basics, and seeing what quality of Photos, I can take with a basic set up, so for this month, will try and post a photo a day, taken with my CanonContinue reading “450D/50 photo 1 ” Neighbours Cat””