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450D/50 Photo 17-18 ” On the River”   1 comment

I woke up early around 4.00, after a while realised I was not going back to sleep.

So I lied there thinking if I acted quickly, I could probably get to somewhere  ( thinking Nudgee Beach) for predawn and sunrise.

Well I did not act quickly, but feeling guilty for not doing anything, I decided to go to the Brisbane River at Hamilton, as it it is literally a 5minute drive away, and see if there was anything to shoot, if all else fails, I would grab some Bakery Bread and a paper and return for a nice brekky.

This is the path, I walked along to see if I could see anything once I got there.

Just past the trees and I see a Cruis Ship

Sky is very “grey”, thinking I was justified and not shooting predawn/sunrise as would have been no colour….. justifying being lazy here!

Until I turn around and see this, lovely reflective colours of some light cloud from the morning light.

Now wishing I did go to Nudgee, and with a wider lens, could have got a very nice photo  across the river mouth.

So I went back to the car, and was going to seek solace in previuosly mentioned Bakery Bread and paper and return home.

But a bit further along, saw some people fishing and a little car park close by, so thought I would stop and see if they had caught anything (they hadn’t).

While there I captured the sun trying to escape the clouds.

Thought that showed at least a little colour, then headed back to car, and glanced back to see the sun had actually managed ot appear through the clouds ( I did cheat a little on this one and changed white balance to shade, to get more gold in the photo).

All photos shot with the Canon 450D/50 F1.8 lens, showing how versatile this combination is, as they say with a prime ( fixed focal length) lens, zoom with your feet, or in this case my car.

Cheers Dave

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