Bees and Pink Flowers

Another visit to Roma Street Parklands in Brisbane friday morning. I was a little dissapointed, no Water Dragons, No Water Lilies. But there is always something to capture this time Bees amongst the Pink Flowers Not a Bee, but you can see potential Death for a Bee, lurking below the flower here.   Cheers Dave

Water Dragon

Another photo from my recent trip to Roma Street Parklands One of my favourite animals to photograph, a Water Dragon I never tire of just watching these guys they are so regal and proud, and also seem to enjoy posing for the camera. Taken with 7D and 70-200mm lens Cheers Dave  

More Water Lilies

I had the opportunity to stop at the Mount Cootha Botanical Gardens, on the way to visit a friend on Sunday. I was intending to do some more macro work, but as time was against me, only really managed to look around the pond. I am starting to like photographing Water Lilies as much asContinue reading “More Water Lilies”

Water Dragon in the Water .

On a recent trip to Roma Street Parklands (as anybody who has followed my blog will know I go there often). I was walking back across one one the walkways along trhe side of the lagoon, and heard a splash. Looking down in the water, I saw this little guy looking up. Canon 7D andContinue reading “Water Dragon in the Water .”

How to Train your Dragon – Stage Show

Last Saturday, I managed to get to see the Stage Show, of ” How to Train your Dragon”, you were only allowed to take in your “Point and Shoot” cameras, no DSLR , so did what I could with my Panasonic Lumix FT2, and this is the result. Highly Reconmended. Cheers Dave  

Chained Dragon

A photo from the weekend, I captured while wandering around Fort Lytton, near the Port of Brisbane. There were dragon flys, flying around everywhere, but I struggled to capture them on pretty flowers or a plant of any description for the natural look I was hoping for, but they would stay  still on this piece ofContinue reading “Chained Dragon”

450D/50 Photo 11 “Water Dragon”

I work in Brisbane, and can have late or early finishes, so often before or after work, I will go for a wander around the Roma Street Parklands, lots of ponds, flowers, different plants and of course wildlife, the most prevalent is these lovely Water Dragon, and I have captured enough images of them  overContinue reading “450D/50 Photo 11 “Water Dragon””