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White Faced Heron – Nudgee Beach   Leave a comment

It has been while since I have blogged for various reasons – and have had some ongoing camera issues – well some of the issues might be me – so went out yesterday morning for a “testing ” session and ended up at Nudgee Beach.

I spotted this Grey Faced Heron in the Mangroves, and he behaved and did not fly away when I interrupted his hunting, insteadt just flew up into a tree for a clean while I loitered around below him.

Looks like I still have some issues with focussing – so more work to be done there.

But happy with these images.

Cheers Dave


White Herons   Leave a comment

On the way to a friends house for dinner last Saturday night, we met at a pond down the road first to take some Bird photos.

Below are some different White Heron photos, I like these majestic, almose noble birds.

We were lucky they roosted in a tree close to the bank, using the camera’s flash for this one, as by now it was dusk, and light was failing.

These smaller Herons were roosting in trees in the middle of the lake.

Taken with 7D and 70-200mm Lens.

Cheers Dave


Heron In Flight   1 comment

I was recently down Manly for a sunrise shooot, and afterwards went for a drive along the foreshore to see what other sights there was.

Stopped to take some photos of a flock of seagulls on a rockwall, and while trying to get in position for the shot, I was lucky enough to catch this Heron flying past.

Cheers Dave

450D/50 Photo 12 “Ibis and White Face Heron”   Leave a comment

Posting my first bird photos using this lens, and very happy with the results considering the 50mm focal length, most of my Bird photos are usually taken at around 200mm, or more often longer, so to get there two photos with this lens is a “win”

The first is a Ibis, staring into the water.

Canon 450D, 50mm,shot in Raw, Processed in CS5, F5.6, 1/400, shot in P ( that stand for professional, right??…………… actually was in “P”, as in stealth mode, and new I might not have time ot adjust settings, when I was in a position to take the photo, so left it to the camera to think for me.


The second is a White Face heron, took a bit of stealth to get close to this one, but reasonably happy with it.

Canon 450D, 50mm,shot in Raw, Processed in CS5, F3.5, 1/160, shot in P also, for the same reason as photo above.

Hoping to get out, and maybe get some more landscape photos for something different soon.

Cheers Dave

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