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Fog on the Farm – Pine Mountain Queensland   1 comment

I recently spent a week helping my cousin on his farm.

Woke up one morning , looked out the window to see  “Fog”

So quickly grabbed the camera and went out and took a few photos.

Taken with 7D and 17-55 lens.

Cheers Dave


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Jondaryan Woolshed – Heavy (Draft) Horse Display   Leave a comment

Some more images from when I was out at Jondaryan Woolshed on the weekend.

This time some of the Heavy Horse in action.

Cheers Dave

Horsepower of a different kind   Leave a comment

Ok, after visiting mate mates workshop in previous post, I then went around to another mates place to catch up, and spend the night there, while I was up that way before heading home.

So of course, first thing in the morning I go to the Dam down the back, to see what bird life is about.

Now to do that, you have to walk through the paddock with “Kingsley” the horse.

Who then decided he would join me down on the fence overlooking the Dam, and obviously thought the grass was greener on the other side .

Taken with 7D and 70-200mm Lens.

Cheers Dave



Toogoolawah Rodeo   Leave a comment

Yesterday. I was lucky enough to get out to the Toogoolawah Rodeo, have not been to a Rodeo in living memory.

I managed to get a few decent shots, shooting anything fast moving can be challenging, and with limited lighting, was only really able to succesfully shoot until dark.



Taken with 7D and either 70-200 F2.8 or 100mm Macro F2.8.

Hopefully will be able to do a few blog posts this week.

Cheers Dave





450D/50 Photo 20 “Horse”   1 comment

This is one of mate’s wife’s horses, and I really should know it name, I have looked after it before when they have gone away, and we don’t always get along, it has interfered with me trying to photograph the whistler ducks on the dam behind their place.


Canon 450D/ 50mm F1.8, shot at F5, 1/320, in AV mode.


Cheers Dave

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