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Abbey Medieval Festival 2012 – Birds of Prey   Leave a comment

The highlight for me, was (not surprisingly) the Birds of Prey exhibition.

Beautiful Birds, showing of dedicated training and their hunting skills.

My Favourite is this one, followed closely by the OWL photos below.

All taken with Canon 7D and 70-200mm Lens

Cheers Dave


Abbey Medieval Festival 2012 – Shuvani Romani Kumpania – Gypsy Culture   Leave a comment

My second post from the photos I took at the Medieval Festival, is the colourful Gypsies from the Shuvani Romani Kumpania period of the 15th Century.

Cheers Dave



Abbey Medieval Festival 2012 – The Knights   Leave a comment

Last Saturday I was happy to be  able to attend the Abbey Medieval Festival at Caboolture.

Having attended in previous years, I was ready for a lot of different photo opportunities and was not disappointed.

Tonight I will start with the Foot Knights and post other topics over the coming days.

Taken with Canon 7D and 70-200mm Lens

Cheers Dave


History Alive 2012   Leave a comment

I managed to get to History Alive on Saturday morning for a couple of  hours, always a treat for photographer

Lots of colours in the different costumes with re-enactors covering a multitude of periods through out history

A few of  the photos I took, the rest are in a folder on my facebook photography page.

All taken with 7D and 70-200mm Lens.

Cheers Dave