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Currawong – watching me   1 comment

When I was in Roma Street Parklands the other morning, shooting “macro”, I looked up to see this Currawong watching me intently.

So a quick change of settings, and the 100mm macro lens, became a “Birding” lens;

Native to Australia, same family as the Crow ( I think) main difference is the have yellow eyes and some white on their bodies.

Could not resisit and this is now my facebook profile picture.

Cheers Dave

Water Dragon King   1 comment

We went for a drive out in the country a few weekends ago, and stopped at a park near a river.

Captured this Water Dragon, standing up Regal like, King of his domain.

Canon 7D, Shot in Raw, Processed in CS5 F4, 200mm, 1/125 AV mode

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