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Carnarvon Gorge part 3   Leave a comment

Still on a buzz from being in this awesome place – need to go back and explore more.

A few more photos tonight, this time from part of the Gorge itself – a magic place.




Have so many more photos to go through.

Cheers Dave

Caloundra Sunrise   Leave a comment

A few more of my Calounda sunrise photos from last week.

Would of liked some more light clouds for more colour, but was still a magical morning anyway.

Will be a while before we can get up there again, but will be revisiting this location again when we do.

Both taken with 7D and 17-55mm Lens, with Cokin Graduated ND filters.


Cheers Dave


Caloundra Sunrise   2 comments

I finally found some time to look at some of my Sunrise photos from last week.

This is a new spot we found at Caloundra, that we have not been to before.

This is what greeted us in the predawn light.

About an hour later the sunrise from the same spot.

Taken with 7D and 17-55lens , the second image with a Cokin graduated ND filter.

Cheers Dave

New Years Day 2012 ” Point Cartwright Sunrise”   Leave a comment

A bit late in posting this, but realised I had not posted much earlier in the year.

So will revisit some photos  and progressively post them.

We got up early ( 2.30ish) on New Years day to travel up the coast to Point Cartwright to welcome in the New Year, with a sunrise shoot.

Was a great morning spent with some wonderful Photography friends, and a place I will return hopefully again soon, as with every shoot you learn something new, and  develop ideas how you could do it differently next time.

Shoot through graduated Cokin Filters.

Cheers Dave

Sunsets and Sunrises ….. a blogging rebirth.   1 comment

I have not updated or even looked at my blog for a long time.

A Easter Resolution (really a late New Years Resolution) is to change the style of my blogging, instead of just posting random photos, will start to document my photography travels and camera/lens/settings I use.

Now some random photos, below is the processed Image from a raw file through Lightroom, with border and watermark added in CS4.

This photo was taken as Sandstone Point, which is just before you go over the bridge to Bribie Island in Queensland Australia, close to where I am staying this week.

Camera Canon 7D, Lens 24-105mm F4
Taken at 24mm, F4, 1/125, WB set on cloudy.

This is the original unmodified Jpeg straight from the camera.

Photography, is about timing, being in the right place at the right time.

I was up early and saw there was light between the clouds, so grabbed the camera, jumped in the car was off, a bit ealier and I would have captured the beautiful pre dawn light, was blessed with this glorious sunrise anyway.

The capture involved, an approximate 100 metre walk through mud ( love my waterproof boots)  to get in the spot I wanted for the photo, no tripod this time, hand held, why I chose F4 and moderately quick shutter speed…. I think I could have improved on the photo with a tripod and a ND filter, and slower shutter speed to smooth out the water, but you use what oyu have with you .

I will try and make regular updates, with more content from now on, so subscribe to the blog to get email alerts.

Happy travelling and photography, stay safe.