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Beautiful Dead Roses   Leave a comment

Most people  like to see fresh flowers, and they can be very colourful and bright.

These started out like that, but then began to fade, and I saw a new beauty in them.

I love the browning of the edges of the petals,the pastels colours and the new shapes as the petalsstart to  droop.

Taken with 7D and Canon 60mm and 100mm macro ( non IS, not the L series 100mm lens I usualy use) lenses


Cheers Dave

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Roma Street Parklands Water Lilies   1 comment

Another quick post with more flowers this time Water Lilies, from Mondays walk through the gardens.


All taken with 7D and 100mm Macro

Cheers Dave

Roma Street Parklands Flowers   Leave a comment

A few more from yesterday mornings walk through Roma Street Parklands

This time a few of the flowers.

All with 7D and 100mm Macro Lens

Cheers Dave

Water Lilies   2 comments

Another from my recent visit to Roma Street Parklands, so many photographic oppportunites there.

There is various lakes and ponds in one is a collection of Water Lilies.




Taken with 7D and 100mm Macro lens.

Cheers Dave


Hover Fly   Leave a comment

Another one from my recent visit to Roma Street Parklands.

This time a Hover Fly, before I knew what they were, thought they were some form of native bee.


Cheers Dave


An evil fly on a pretty yellow flower .   5 comments

I was lucky enough to spend some more time in the Roma Street Parklands last week.

I love shooting Macro, and was very happy with this fly photo, I managed to capture.


Captured with a Canon 7D and 100mm l macro lens.

Cheers Dave




A wek of Sunflowers 5 “A group shot”   Leave a comment

This time a group shot, had to get low, as they were all hanging there heads.

7D and 24-105mm.

Cheers Dave