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A wek of Sunflowers 5 “A group shot”   Leave a comment

This time a group shot, had to get low, as they were all hanging there heads.

7D and 24-105mm.

Cheers Dave

A week of Sunflowers 4 “Against the Sky”   Leave a comment

The fourth image for my week of Sunflower posts, is shooting uptowards the sky, sadly as it was an old crop, most were facing dow.


This one was taken with the 7D and 24-105mm Lens.

Cheers Dave

A week of Sunflowers 3 “Bees”   Leave a comment

Another for my week of Sunflowers is these Bees working hard .

Cheers Dave

A week of Sunflowers 2 ” Caterpillar   Leave a comment

Second image for the week is this Carerpillar, working his way through the petals on the Sunflower.


7D and 60mm Macro Lens again.


Cheers Dave

A week of Sunflowers – ” Spider looking for lunch”   Leave a comment

Spent Saturday morning  driving out west chasing Sunflowers, very late in the season, and only a few crops still going in their last days.

I manged to get a collection of images, and seeing I have not been posting much recently or been out photographing, so with very little else to post, will stretch them out over a week.

First image is a Spider waiting for Lunch .


Taken with 7D and 60mm macro lens.

Cheers Dave



450D/50 Photo 17-18 ” On the River”   1 comment

I woke up early around 4.00, after a while realised I was not going back to sleep.

So I lied there thinking if I acted quickly, I could probably get to somewhere  ( thinking Nudgee Beach) for predawn and sunrise.

Well I did not act quickly, but feeling guilty for not doing anything, I decided to go to the Brisbane River at Hamilton, as it it is literally a 5minute drive away, and see if there was anything to shoot, if all else fails, I would grab some Bakery Bread and a paper and return for a nice brekky.

This is the path, I walked along to see if I could see anything once I got there.

Just past the trees and I see a Cruis Ship

Sky is very “grey”, thinking I was justified and not shooting predawn/sunrise as would have been no colour….. justifying being lazy here!

Until I turn around and see this, lovely reflective colours of some light cloud from the morning light.

Now wishing I did go to Nudgee, and with a wider lens, could have got a very nice photo  across the river mouth.

So I went back to the car, and was going to seek solace in previuosly mentioned Bakery Bread and paper and return home.

But a bit further along, saw some people fishing and a little car park close by, so thought I would stop and see if they had caught anything (they hadn’t).

While there I captured the sun trying to escape the clouds.

Thought that showed at least a little colour, then headed back to car, and glanced back to see the sun had actually managed ot appear through the clouds ( I did cheat a little on this one and changed white balance to shade, to get more gold in the photo).

All photos shot with the Canon 450D/50 F1.8 lens, showing how versatile this combination is, as they say with a prime ( fixed focal length) lens, zoom with your feet, or in this case my car.

Cheers Dave

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Rainbow Lorikeet   Leave a comment

I love photographing wildlife, and especially the native birds, this time a Rainbow Lorikeet, really like the colours of these birds.

I think she was bossing her partner around.


This time using the 7D, shot in Raw, processed in CS5, 190mm, F2.8, 1/200, taken in AV mode.


Cheers Dave